Piaget Watches: Reviews on Piaget Bullino Engraving

The Piaget Polo FortyFive reaches 45 mm in terms of its diameter. Its case is made of titanium which was coated with stainless steel on its edge. The black dial has luminous material covering on the time indexes so that it is readable at night or dark environment. Although Polo FortyFive is different from other family watches in its material, the processing on the surface and other details are still the same. The side profile is made of stainless steel and there are two buttons around the crown: one for start/stop button and one for reset button. A P letter is branded on the button.

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When it comes to the creative design of replica Piaget watches, it must include the Bullino Engraving on Piaget Watches!

Bullino engraving

Bullino engraving was invented by Italian technicians. Traditionally, this technique is widely applied in building knife and hunting tools. Its name is derived from a carving tools using by Italian masters. As the bullino engraving requires delicacy, so much of the work are done under the microscope. By carving through points and along lines, different patterns then are created. Piaget become interested in this skills and then applied it building the dial of Altiplano to highlight its advancement. A strong horse patterns, done by bullino engraving, is firstly scratched an outline of it on the dial, then under the microscope, the master will brand the horse on the dal with a metal pan. Next comes the kernel part: the bullino engraving is employed here to polish the pattern and carefully process every small details. This is the last stage work and it must be done through masters’ hands.

After oxidizing the dial, the beautiful horse pattern is presented. To make it polisher, technicians of the Piaget brand will rub oulopholite on it so that it becomes glaring.

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